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Why ‘sexuality, attachment and trauma’?

At the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project, it is our perspective that most difficulties in sexuality stem from early childhood experiences. Current research shows that in order for a child to develop in healthy ways, the child must develop strong attachment bonds to loving caregivers in its environment. The child needs the stability and empathy of a consistent, loving caretaker in order to form healthy attachment patterns that will enable the child to develop into a healthy adult, who is also capable of forming stable and healthy attachment bonds in adult relationships.  Many difficulties that individuals experience in their...


What kind of difficulties can you help me with?

At the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project we are skilled in helping individuals overcome a variety of sexual problems. These include: sexual compulsivity and hypersexual behavior, sexual dysfunction, intimacy anxiety, gender and orientation confusion, problematic and disturbing sexual thoughts and fantasies, problematic paraphilic behavior, LGBT issues, overcoming childhood sexual abuse, PTSD symptoms of abuse survivors, and depression and anxiety.


What expertise/qualifications do you have?

Unlike other mental health clinics, the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project specializes exclusively on issues dealing with various forms of problematic sexuality.  Our clinicians are all leading voices in the field of sexuality, having intensively studied in this field, as well as presented and published extensively on this subject.  Mr. Crocker, the director of the Project, has 20 years experience working in various aspects of the field of sexuality, working to prevent childhood sexual abuse, then working with individuals presenting with compulsive sexual behavior, and finally for the last 15 years in private practice.  Along...


What can I expect to experience in therapy?

It can be very nerve-wracking to finally make the decision to contact a therapist about your difficulties. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and shame about your difficulties and concerns. These are all normal ways that you may be feeling. The first thing you can expect is to talk with a mental health clinician who is experienced in your particular area of concern, and most importantly is non-judgmental and non-shaming.  You can expect to speak with someone who is familiar with your situation, even if you may believe that your concerns are completely unique in the world, or so disturbing that no one could possibly...


What is the cost of treatment?

The Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Project provides a sliding scale to enable individuals from all types of personal situations to benefit from therapy. At this time the SAT Project does not accept any insurance reimbursement. Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover treatment for many types of sexual disorders, and working through the managed care system additionally may compromise your confidentiality and privacy. We do, however, hold all the necessary licenses and forms to...